The Opening Ceremony of Poly Culture Month in Shenyang held on July 8th

Date:Jul 12,2017


On July 8th, the opening ceremony of Poly Culture Month and Exhibition of Collections of Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties’ Palaces was held in Shenyang Shengjing Poly Culture Art Centre.
Poly Culture Month started from July 8th, including activities like Exhibition of Collections of Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties’ Palaces, Poly Summer Auction, Culture Summit of the Cooperation between Beijing and Shenyang, Theatre Season and Teenager Culture Experiencing Camp.
Mr. ZHANG Xi, Deputy Manager of Poly Group, had a speech at the opening ceremony and expressed his gratitude to the co-sponsors on behalf of Poly Group. He said that Poly Group is actively involved in the new round of the revitalization of the Northeast Region. Now Poly Real Estate has had several high-quality residential projects in Shenyang. Poly culture has carried out theater management, cinema investment businesses in Shenyang. With Shengjing Poly Culture Center opening, culture asset management and art education businesses entre into Shenyang market.
Mr. XING Ping, head of Shenyang Heping District, pointed out that Heping District will try to make use of outstanding cultural resources, and actively cooperate with well-known enterprises such as Poly Culture, so that the outstanding cultural enterprises represented by Poly Culture will settle down in Shenyang. Heping District will work together with outstanding cultural enterprises to create several special cultural brands. With a stronger cultural atmosphere and more industrial development, Heping District aims at boosting the upgrading of cultural industries in Shenyang, and making contribution to the revitalization of Shenyang.
DING Hui, Deputy Director of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Culture, CHEN Shuangwei, Vice Secretary of Liaoning province, LI Qiang, Party Secretary of Heping District, and ZHANG Xi, Deputy Manager of Poly Group attended the ceremony.
Poly Culture Month is co-host by Poly Culture Group, Shenyang Culture, Radio, Television News Publishing Department, Heping District Government, Shenyang Public Facility Group and presented by Shenyang Shengjing Poly Culture and Arts Center Management Company. Poly Culture Month will interact with the 3rd Hun River Summer Culture and Art Season to provide a summer cultural feast.

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