China-Germany Friendship Concert Successfully Held in Cologne Cathedral by Poly WeDo

Date:Jul 19,2017


On July 15th (Cologne time), China-Germany Friendship Concert was successfully held in Cologne Cathedral. As the first Chinese teenager orchestra invited to Cologne Cathedral, Poly WeDo Chamber Orchestra played traditional Chinese music.
This year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of China-Germany diplomatic relations, and the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Beijing-Cologne twin cities relationship. During the G20 summit in July, President XI Jinping paid a visit to Germany. German Overseas Chinese Federation and the art director of Cologne Cathedral invited Poly WeDo to German for culture and art exchange and to perform in Cologne Cathedral. Cologne Cathedral is the most famous one in Europe and the culture centre and landmark of Cologne. Poly WeDo is the first Chinese teenager orchestra invited to perform in it.
Poly WeDo Chamber Orchestra is composed of teenager talents all over China. Their performance that night was recognized by the audiences and specialists. This concert shows the charm of Chinese music and makes German-Chinese feel honored.
An old Chinese living in Cologne, FAN Tielin, expressed his gratitude to the orchestra held the performance after the concert. He said he has lived in Cologne for 20 years, and this is the first time that a Chinese orchestra is invited to the Cologne Cathedral, which provided a very exciting performance. He knows well that it is not easy for Chinese to expand overseas. And he is proud of the development of China. Ms. LI Aiping, chairman of German Overseas Chinese Federation, believes that guided by One Belt and One Road ideology, this spectacular concert helps China interact with the world.
This concert is a major part of Poly WeDo European summer camp. Besides Cologne Cathedral, the performer of Poly WeDo will also provide shows at Naters lakeside and Schonbrunn Palace square. On July 21th, the campers of Poly WeDo will visit Vienna UN headquarters. They will meet representatives of Vienna UN headquarters and Chinese officials at Vienna UN and other international organizations to discuss topics like peace.

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