Poly Auction Realized a turnover of 9 Billion Yuan in 2015

Date:Dec 25,2015


Beijing Poly 10 Year Anniversary Autumn Auction was successfully concluded on December 9th, achieving 2.95 Billion Yuan. The 2015 serial auctions conducted by Poly Auction have completed. Five subsidiaries including Beijing Auction, Poly Hong Kong, Poly Xiamen, Poly Shandong and Poly Guangdong achieved a total turnover of 9 Billion Yuan, leading the global auction market of Chinese art. 6.5 billion out of 9 billion was accomplished by Beijing Poly Auction, 1.7 billion by Poly Auction Hong Kong, 370 million by Poly Xiamen, 165 million by Poly Shandong and 300 million by Poly Guangdong.

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