Poly Culture was Listed Among “Top 30 Cultural Enterprises in China” for Six Consecutive Years

Date:May 16,2014

    Yesterday, Poly Culture Group Corporation Limited was listed in the sixth “Top 30 Cultural Enterprises in China” and has thus become one of cultural and arts enterprises reelected for six consecutive years since the launch of this award in 2008. The list of top 30 was jointly released by Guangming Daily and Economic Daily at the symposium of “Promoting Chinese Culture to Go Out” held by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC in the 15th day.
    Facing the change of cultural market, Poly Culture, listed for six consecutive years, carried out various operations closely around three main businesses in 2013 to maintain stable development of its performance, with significant progress in new business development and further improvement in both overall management level and asset quality, and was successfully listed on Hong Kong H-shares in March 2014, which opened a new chapter for the development of the enterprise and has become the first listed cultural enterprise in Hong Kong capital market with three business sectors of performance & theater management, artwork management & auction and cinema investment management as the core.
    In recent years, Poly Culture has been trying to go out and expand the international market, with long-term business relations being established with many overseas well-known institutions in performance, film & TV production and other businesses. In terms of artwork management & auction, a global purchase and sale network of Chinese arts has been preliminarily established, Poly Auction has also successively set up offices in Tokyo, New York and other regions. Meanwhile, it continues to strengthen new business development and explore to establish new business mode in order to seek new profit growth point. For past few years, Poly Culture has made investigations in Guilin, Wuhan, Taiyuan, Linfen, Lanzhou and other regions for many times in an attempt to explore a road for transformation and upgrading of the enterprise.
    According to the organizers, in addition to retaining such evaluation indicators as main business income, pre-tax profit, net asset and total amount of tax payment, this session of “Top 30 Cultural Enterprises” also highlights enterprise award and export evaluation indicator, which embodies the orientation that cultural enterprises must put social benefit in the first place to achieve the unity of social benefit and economic benefit and the encouragement and support for promoting cultural enterprises to go out.
    Among top 30 enterprises, there are not only traditional cultural enterprises engaged in culture & arts, radio and film & TV, publication and distribution but also emerging cultural enterprises engaged in such type of businesses as animation & game, network culture and theme park. This year’s “Top 30 Cultural Enterprises” is characterized by stronger overall strength. The top 30 enterprises of this session have main business income of 245.1 billion Yuan, net asset of 207.6 billion Yuan and net profit of 31.6 billion Yuan, all hitting a record high and 20%, 16% and 38% higher than that of last session respectively. Of which, net asset broke through 200 billion Yuan for the first time and net profit broke through 30 billion Yuan for the first time.
    Since the recognition and release of “Top 30 Cultural Enterprises” in 2008, brand influence is growing, it has become an effective measure to foster backbone cultural enterprises and promote the healthy and rapid development of the cultural industry, as well as an important platform to demonstrate China’s cultural reform and development achievements.

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