Poly Auction has Achieved 8.22 Billion Yuan Turnover in 2014

Date:Jan 15,2015

    Poly Auction will hold the 10th anniversary of art exhibitions and launching ceremony in Beijing in 26th November 2014, relevant preparation has already carried out.
    The total turnover of Poly Auction in Beijing, Hongkong, Xiamen, Guangdong are 5.9 billion yuan, 16 billion yuan, 2.4 billion yuan and 4.8 billionin yuan in 2014, respectively. Poly Auction series has contributed to the total turnover of 8.22 billion yuan in 2014.
Combing the success of Auction in 2014, Poly Auction totally held 12 art auctions,131 boutique auctions and 25,000 objects. Among them, one object was auctioned over 100 million yuan. 83 objects was auctioned over 10 million yuan.
    Poly Auction will increase the intensity of solicitation, improve service system, give full play to the advantage of whole artist industrial chain, ensure the great growth of the performance, significantly increase the market competition and management.

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