Cinema Investment and Management


Poly Film Investment Corporation Limited, a subsidiary of PolyCulture, is engaged in cinema investment and managementincluding cinema investment, construction and management,film projection research and development, and film and TVprogram investment.

Poly Film Investment Corporation Limited strives to build a leading and world-levelcinema investment, construction and management platform. In 2016, cinema branchesrealized box office of nearly 1.1 billion yuan. In February 2017, Poly Film InvestmentCorporation Limited acquired XingX Entertainment Corporation Limited, taking over 21opening cinemas, 16 under construction or signed but un-opening to increase marketshare.

POLYMAX is the 4K 3D Large Screen Projection System, designed and developedindependently by the digital laboratory of Poly Film Investment Corporation Limited,and has obtained several national patent licenses. The system has been successfullypromoted in the domestic market, receiving wide recognition from audiences acrossthe nation.

POLYMINI is a private screening system that caters for the needs of high-endcustomers. It is certificated with DCI standards, and allows the audience to screenreleases that are recently on, without the trouble of traveling to the cinema. In themeantime, it aims to offer customers high-quality movie experience.

Poly Film Investment Corporation Limited, formerly known as Eastern Dragon FilmCorporation Limited, invested in the production of a large number of films and TV seriesfrom 2002 to 2005. In recent years, the company has been actively exploring appropriateprojects for its content production business and consecutively invested in several films andTV programs.