Performance and Theatre Management


As one of the subsidiaries of Poly Culture, Beijing PolyTheatre Management Corporation Limited mainly focuses onperformance and theatre management, including theatre chainmanagement, performance, creative design and production,and ticket marketing.

Beijing Poly Theatre Management Corporation Limited was the first in China to implement the theatrechain operation model, and to formulate China's first Industrial Standards and Regulations on TheatreOperation and Management , which have been widely accepted and promoted in the field. Poly Theatrechain is China's biggest performance platform at the moment. By the end of 2016, there are 53 first classtheatres under the management of Beijing Poly Theatre Management Corporation Limited, covering 18provinces and cities in China, with 98 auditoriums and over 100,000 seats.

Based on the theatre chain management business, Beijing Poly TheatreManagement Corporation Limited carries out theatre construction engineeringconsulting business. The company has participated in approximately 60 consultingcases of theatre construction projects in China.

With the vision of advancing culture exchange between eastern and western worldand promoting cultural boutique, Beijing Poly Theatre Management CorporationLimited introduces lots of wonderful domestic and abroad performances. Thecompany also produced excellent plays for major public activities, including theDrama and Dance Season, Opening the Door to Art, and Citizens' Concert, whichare popular among audiences. In 2016, Poly Theatre Chain organized 6,800performances for over 7 million audiences.

In terms of content creation, Beijing Poly Theatre Management Corporation Limited produced aseries of high-quality original pieces to meet the market demands, and organized more than 1,000performances in Poly Theatre Chain, including Wanderings of San Mao, The Piano in a Factory,Wang'er's Long March, Nie Xiaoqian and Ning Caichen, Ah! KULIANG, The Sound of Music (Chineseversion), Destroying Opium at Humen, Yinding Bridge, I Love Fairy Tale, I Love Fable, of which ThePiano in a Factory won five prizes at the 14th Wenhua Awards conferred by the Ministry of Culture.Beijing Poly Theatre Management Corporation Limited also actively expands investment in foreignplays. Classical Broadway musical An American in Paris co-invested by the company has beenstaged in London Diminion Theatre, which is well received by the audiences and lays the foundationfor it to enter American musical production industry.

Poly Culture is a leading player in organizinglarge-scale activities and creative performancedesign and production. Recently, thecompany has organized dozens of largescaleperformances and cultural activities.

Beijing Poly Theatre Management CorporationLimited cooperates with related institutions to developa comprehensive ticketing platform including ticketssales, marketing planning, membership services andart education.