Art Business and Auction


Poly Culture is committed to establishing a complete cultural industry chain of art business and auction with following subsidiaries as platforms, including Beijing Poly International Auction Corporation Limited, Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Limited, Beijing Poly Art Center Corporation Limited, andBeijing Poly Art Investment Management Corporation Limited.

Located in Beijing, Hong Kong, Xiamen and other major cities of China, Poly Culturetakes advantage of the prominent locations, abundant funds, standardized operationalmodels and global networks to accomplish an outstanding achievement in sales thatis globally recognized. In 2016, the company realized a turnover of 9,600 million yuan,ranking first in the worldwide in turnover of Chinese artworks for seven years.Beijing Poly International Auction Corporation Limited is the world's thirdbiggest artwork auction house and the world's biggest auction house ofChinese artworks. Since the autumn of 2008, Beijing Poly InternationalAuction Corporation Limited has ranked first in domestic seasonallargescaleauctions for seventeen consecutive times and renewed the record ofseasonal auction turnover of Chinese artworks for several times.

Beijing Poly Art Center Corporation Limited, a subsidiary of Poly Culture, is mainly engaged inartwork sales, antique identification, appraisal and preservation technology consulting, culturalexchange, art exhibitions, and art brokerage. It forms a complete industrial chain with Poly ArtMuseum, Beijing Poly Auction and Poly Auction Hong Kong. In the end of 2016, the company set upVancouver Poly Art Gallery together with Poly Culture North America Investment Corporation Limited,adding a new operation platform to the art business.

Beijing Poly Art Investment Management Corporation Limited, with its main focus on artfinancing and investment, as well as art funds management, is China's only stateownedlarge investment consultancy for artwork. It also provides professional consulting servicesincluding artwork authentication, appraisal, and collection. Poly Art Investment has releaseddozens of artwork fund items totaling nearly 2 billion yuan.