Art Business and Auction


Poly Culture’s artwork operation and auction business strives to build a complete art business chain supported by the platforms including Beijing Poly International Auction Co., Ltd., Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Ltd., and Beijing Poly Art Center Co., Ltd., Beijing Poly Art Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Poly Auction Co., Ltd. In the filed of art auction, the company has strong financial strength, standardized management and global art collection network so it is renowned at domestic and abroad over the years. In 2013, Poly Auction has achieved annual turnover of 7.88 billion RMB which made successful implementation of the global annual turnover of four-year consecutive Chinese art auction winner. In the filed of art business, the company has a team of experts who engage in the art business, heritage assessment, heritage identification and repair, technical consulting, cultural and artistic exchange, art exhibitions and artists brokerage business in Chinese art industry. In the field of art investment consultancy, the company has cooperated with relevant agencies to launch the first art investment capital trust scheme and create the new model of art finance in collaboration with domestic securities industry.