Performance and Theatre Management


As one of the subsidiaries of Poly Culture, Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd. mainly focuses on performance and theatre management. The Company firstly created the business pattern of theatre chain operation and compiled Industry Standard and Theatre Operation and Management Guideline, which received well recognition. 32 first-class theatres managed by the Company by the end of 2013 and 4015 performances organized by the Company in 2013 formed the largest domestic theatre chain. With expanding the scale of theatre chain, Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd. also puts emphasis on the development of performance and creative design. The company held several significant performances from home and abroad, e.g. the China Tour of London Symphony Orchestra, the International Tour of China Philharmonic Orchestra and so on,  organized a wide range of large-scale activities including the Closing Ceremony of the 11th National Games in Shandong in 2009, the Opening Ceremony of the 26th Universiade in Shenzhen in 2011 and produced many original musicals such as the Tales of Sanmao, the Piano in a Factory and the Long March of Wang Er. Moreover, the Company provides more than 30 theatres in China with construction consultation.