Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Co,.Ltd. was established in 2012, which comprises of seven departments: Chinese and Asian modem and contemporary art, Chinese contemporary ink painting, Chinese modern calligraphy and painting, Chinese ancient calligraphy and painting, Chinese antique, jewelry and luxurious watch,Chinese and western wine. In the business concept of "Genuineness, Excellence and Rareness", Poly Auction Hong Kong constantly puts customer requirements in the first place and provides favorable art treasures and professional service for each customer.

Since the establishment of Poly Hong Kong in the autumn of 2012, the Company has held three times auctions, which helped Ploy Culture expand the art business in Hong Kong and international art market. These auctions created great achievements and attracted wide concern in Hong Kong and the Asian-Pacific Region.
In November 2012, the turnover rate of the first poly auction was 82%, total 520 million Hong Kong Dollar. The auction was including four hundred fine Chinese painting and calligraphy, Chinese modern and contemporary art, Chinese antique curios and jewelry art. The turnover of Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Ltd 2013 was over 1.7 billion dollar by organizing spring and autumn auctions. The spring Poly auction 2013 created totally 650 million turnover by selecting around a thousand art stamps, which including 87 old masters was provided by Department of modern and contemporary art China. 95% of arts were clinched a deal. The turnover of the autumn Poly auction 2013 was 989 million Hong Kong dollar. 51 art works was clinched to create 240 million Hong Kong dollar on the spot at the first special performance named “Amazing Chinese Arts”.
The single quarter turnover and the total annual turnover of Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Ltd was both amongst third in Hong Kong market, which marked that Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Ltd had already gained a firm foothold in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Poly Auction (Hong Kong) Ltd was demonstrating the desire and unique advantages for popularizing Chinese culture, corroborating the powerful strength and accurate perspective for promotion and selection of Chinese arts in the international high-end auction market.