Guangdong Poly Auction Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Poly Auction Corporation Limited was established in 2003. It is a national Class“AA”auction company and the first in Guangdong Province that has obtained the Cultural Relic Auction License from the State Administration of Cultural Heritage. 
Guangdong Poly Auction Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the auction of: properties, stock rights and properties of bankrupted enterprises under compulsory execution by the court; mortgages, articles for debt payment and property rights authorized by banks, asset management companies, pawn shops or other financial units; smuggled goods, forfeits, goods for tax payment and confiscated goods by law enforcement agencies; and articles, properties, intangible assets, calligraphies and paintings, antiques and artworks entrusted by government agencies, enterprises, public institutions or individuals.
Guangdong Poly Auction as a professional service company set up branches all over China, including Shenzhen Branch and Zhongshan Office in Guangdong province; Wuzhou Branch in Guangxi province; Yunnan Branch in Yunnan province. The above sales network is able to provide timely and accurate information of subject and customers’ need which provides a strong guarantee for the successful realization of the subject. A wholly owned subsidiary of Guangdong Poly Asset Management Ltd provides asset management, acquisitions, dispositions, restructuring and related business consulting services to the nationwide.
In the field of property auction, Guangdong Poly Auction leverages with good relationship established with financial institutions to quickly convert creditors’ assets into cash by a variety of ways such as mortgage loans, mortgage…
Adhering to the fine traditions and professional attitude, in the field of art auction, Guangdong Poly Auction organizes summer and winter large international art auction annually which makes Poly Auction in Southern China occupying a vital position. It becomes to the auction industry leader in the South of China.