Beijing Poly Art Center Co., Ltd.

Beijing Poly Art Center Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Poly Art Center") was approved to be found in 2007 with the registered capital 130 million by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Heritage, which was wholly owned by Poly Culture Group co., LTD.,
Poly Art Center Is one artwork store by is mainly engaged in the sales of artworks, identification and repair of antique, artworks technical advisory, organization of cultural communication, exhibition of artworks and artist brokerage. Also, cooperation with Poly Art Museum, Beijing Poly International Auction Co. Ltd. and Hongkong Poly Auction Co., Ltd. to support and complement each other.
Poly arts centre does not only own a high reputation through seven years rapid development, but also has accumulated rich experience in the art industry and set up a strong team of professionals.
Due to the complexity of art appreciation, to effectively prevent investment risks, Poly Art Center has hired more than 70 domestic top masters of art appreciation experts for committee, which divided into painting and calligraphy, bronze ware, porcelain, miscellaneous, handicraft 6 panel. These 70 masters would like to issue the authentic-appraisal for every artwork back-to-back purchased by Poly Art Center.In addition, the company is equipped with a hard working professional team, all members have bachelor degree or above, including master's 40%, returnees from overseas study accounted for 40%.
Since its inception, Poly Art Center has maintained close contact with high-end collectors, to establish a wide range of art collection channels at home and abroad. Moreover, Chinese ancient calligraphy and painting, porcelain, jade, enamel and other categories of art were collected by the channel, which enriched the cultural resources of their own, and greatly promoted the overseas cultural relics backflow.
Poly Art Center made great efforts in art brokerage activities as well. Many famous contemporary painting and calligraphy artist have signed contract with Poly Art Center . Also Poly Art Center cooperated with professional colleges and universities, to cultivate and found that young artists. Meanwhile, Poly Art Center injected new vitality for Chinese cultural art market through holding exhibitions Published focus, held a seminar in a variety of ways.
Poly Art Center is doing art and art derivatives business sales through a varity of ways, such as cultural relics shops and auction companies. Moreover, also to make active efforts to promote development of cultural industry.