Beijing Poly Art Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Beijing Poly Art Investment Management Co., Ltd. is principally engaged in artwork investment and financing of art, art work fund management; in the meantime the company is also offering the consultation of artwork identification, appraisal and collection to individuals and enterprises. The company is the only large-scale state-owned enterprise which focuses on art investment consultation in China.
In June 2009, poly culture works together with SDIC Trust Co. Ltd and China Construction Bank in Beijing has successfully issued and established the first art investment funding trust scheme in China. In July 2010, Beijing Poly Art Investment Management Co., Ltd. was established by Poly Culture, which contributes a professional platform for art investment management and promote the development of the financial innovation and art trading. Soon after, Poly Art has introduced various artwork projects on funding and investing. In April 2013, Poly Art works together with Hengtai Securities Co. Ltd that have designed the first targeted artwork assets management program in the industry. It has open the door for integral development between Poly art investment and national securities industry.
Up to the end of 2013, Beijing Poly Art Investment Management Co., Ltd.has launched fourteen funding projects, which valued 1.0963 billion Chinese Yuan. There are seven of them that valued of 753 million Chinese Yuan still running in progress.