Ningbo cultural plaza Grand Theater

The cultural plaza Grand Theater is located at Northeast block of New Town Cultural Square on the eastern part of Ningbo city, which is a multifunctional modern theatre and can meet the use requirements such as the dance drama, operas, modern drama, concerts, variety shows, conferences, etc. This Cultural Plaza Grand Theatre has a total construction area of 23,000 square meters, with the four stories over the ground and a basement, including a 1579-seat audience hall, a spectators lobby, lounges, stage, backstage, the rehearsal halls and fine restaurants, underground garages, equipment room and other ancillary facilities. The Grand Theatre has a separate VIP entrance and two VIP meeting rooms on the first storey, additionally a separate VIP lounge is located on the third storey. The Grand Theatre has a picture-frame style stage in a form of Chinese character "triangle", which is divided into three parts: the main stage, the left and right side-stages , and the backstage. The Grand Theatre has a total of 14 dressing rooms and 3 costume rooms located mainly on the first storey for easy use by actors. There are also a number of multi-functional halls in this theatre, which can be used as rehearsals, meetings, training and other purposes.