Yingkou Bayuquan Poly Grand Theatre

The Yingkou Bayuquan Poly Grand Theatre, located in the New Town in the south of Bayuquan at Yingkou city, is the core component of the Bayuquan Jintai Culture and Arts Square. The Yingkou Bayuquan Poly Grand Theatre adopts the concise, practical and artistic style. All its facade are made by fold-line shaped metal translucent materials. The building shows full of changes in harmony and forms a unified image. Its external wall is divided into 7 up-and-down horizontal parts, like seven musical notes as well as seven sea waves, strongly revealing a symbolic and modern sense. This unique design demonstrates the Bayuquan’s whole new image towards international stage.

The Yingkou Bayuquan Poly Grand Theatre was put in operation in 2012. With the gross building area of 24,000 square meters, the Yingkou Bayuquan Poly Grand Theatre is consisted of the grand theatre, multi-function hall, dance rehearsal studio, symphony rehearsal studio, dressing room, and VIP lounge, in which there are 3 layers of auditorium, with 1,182 seats, and 6 VIP dressing rooms and 10 common dressing rooms containing 175 people making-up at the same time. All the equipments and facilities could best satisfy the various demands of the audience and performer.

The stage in the theatre is triangle shaped of 60m-wide and 40m-long. There are 5 elevating platforms(with moving distance of ±4.5m), 6 side car frame and 1 rotary rear car frame in the main stage, which could meetvarious performance requirements as the opera, dance drama, ballet, play and comprehensive entertainment show.

The Yingkou Bayuquan Poly Grand Theatre Management Corporation Limited was founded in 2013. It is affiliated to Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd. and takes charge of the operation and management of The Yingkou Bayuquan Poly Grand Theatre.