Kunshan Culture and Art Center Grand Theatre

Kunshan Culture and Art Center is located at the city sub-center in west part of Kunshan. It is an important stage of “one tradition district plus two newly-developing districts” structure of Kunshan’s infrastructure development. This project is designed by the world renowned Architect Cui Kai. The whole building adopts the concept of “Kun Opera and twin lotus” as the base, which emerges an atmosphere and essence of water-town style along the curved water shore. Kunshan Culture and Art Center was put in operation in 2012.

The gross area of Kunshan Culture and Art Center Grand is 70,551.8 square meters, including a grand theatre with 1,400 seats, a multi-functional hall with 270 seats, an IMAX video hall with 350 seats, seven regular video halls, two luxurious VIP rooms, and a total of 24 dressing rooms, conference rooms, rehearsal rooms, media workshops, cafes as well as parking lot and other related service facilities. The stage of the grand theatre is in proscenium arch structure which forms a triangle shape. Within the stage is a 170-square-meter imported acoustic shell. The multifunctional hall is consisted of 21 moveable modules which can transform freely with plentiful combinations. The whole lighting systems and stereo equipments are in international well-known brands, which can meet the standards of organizing symphony concert, dance drama, large-scale evening show, traditional opera, acrobatics and other various types of shows as well as important conferences. Kunshan Culture and Art Center Grand Theatre has officially passed ISO9001 Quality Management System certification in December 2013.

The Kunshan Poly Theatre Management Co. Ltd. of was founded in 2012 as being an affiliate to Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co. Ltd., it undertook the responsibility for the operation and management of Kunshan Culture and Art Center Grand Theatre.