Wuxi Grand Theatre

The Wuxi Grand Theatre is located in the new town of Taihu Lake and south shore of Lihu Lake, with overall floorage of 78,000 square meters, and height of 50m. The appearance of the grand theatre is novel and special, which is like a butterfly gently rests on the shore of the lake when seen from the air. The eight graceful "wings" covering the architecture give the theatre the light and flexible feeling as "like to fly", echoing to the beautiful Lihu Lake, as if a delicate scroll painting. The Wuxi Grand Theatre starts operating from 2012.

The Wuxi Grand Theatre possesses one opera hall with 1,618 seats, one studio theatre with 736 seats, four top-grade VIP hall, and supporting facilities, such as the dance rehearsal studio, chorus rehearsal studio, and professional recording room. The 58 upscale dressing rooms for 400 people using at the same time, including 8 VIP dressing rooms, could meet the demand of various performance and receipt. There are high-end restaurant and coffee house in the theatre separately.

The seat of the theatre adopts the design of step and staggered arrangement to ensure the high quality visual and audio effect. In the wall and floor decoration of the theatre, the bamboo is largely used as the material with strong characters of regions south of Yangtze River, and the "bamboo instead of wood" also reveals the low-carbon environmental-friendly concept. The sound reflecting ceiling of the theatre is the unique one using Beijing Opera facial mask shape, containing strong Chinese cultural color. The stage of the opera hall is 20m-wide, 43m-long, and elevating orchestra pit of 120-people and professional ballet stage; with first-class brand lighting system, and digitalized acoustic system to meet various performance requirements as the large-scale opera, dance drama, symphony concert, modern drama, play and acrobatics, etc. The Theatre passed ISO9001 Quality Management System certification in August 2013.

Wuxi Poly Grand Theatre Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. It is affiliated to Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd. and takes charge of the operation and management of Wuxi Grand Theatre and its ancillary facilities.