Changzhou Grand Theatre

Located at the southeast corner of Changzhou administrative center, Changzhou Grand Theatre constitutes Changzhou cultural administrative center in parallel with new office building of Changzhou Municipal Government “Twin Tower”, Changzhou Olympic Sports Center, Changzhou International Conference and Exhibition Center, Changzhou Museum and Changzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. Therefore, it is in the spotlight in Changzhou City. The Theatre covers an area of 52,440 square meters (including a total floor area of 40,000 square meters) and starts operating from year 2009. With the theme of “dancing notes” and “flowing movement”, the building seems like dancing notes among the greenery with a staff design in the square, which sets a scene of Music Ocean and creates a kind of modern and flowing artistic atmosphere.

There are a 1,500-seat grand theatre and a 400-seat multi-functional theatre in the Theatre, where such performances as symphony, ballet, musical drama, opera and drama are usually staged. Additionally, the Theatre can meet the requirements of other performances (variety show) and has four film screening rooms. The orchestra pit is an area of 110 sqm holding three control band, which is consisted of two lifting table and a lifting rail. Moreover, the seats could be added around 100 by seat car.

Changzhou Grand Theatre enables the audiences to fully enjoy the charm and essence of arts by virtue of its unique architectural style and strong artistic atmosphere. The Theatre passed ISO9001 Quality Management System certification in September 2010.

Changzhou Poly Grand Theatre Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. It is affiliated to Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd. and takes charge of the operation and management of Changzhou Grand Theatre and its ancillary facilities.