Ji'an Culture and Art Center Grand Theatre

East to the People's Square, south to the Museum, west to Tian Hua Mt. and north to the Library, Ji'an Culture and Art Center Grand Theatre lies at the South New Zone of the City, and its surrounded road nets provide fast access channels for pedestrians and traffic flow there. With an overall floorage of 23,000 ㎡, the Theatre has 157 stringlike leaning columns as its appearance, surrounding the main building of the Center to form a huge guitar-case-like roof, and highlight its fascinating artistic brilliance as a "dynamic string". Ji'an Culture and Art Center Grand Theatre was put in operation in 2012.

The Theatre can fit 1,100 people for watching performances and holding meetings with perfect stage lifting facilities, finished light-acoustics and dressing rooms, VIP rooms and other subsidiary rooms to provide a comprehensive range of services and guarantees for large-scale elegant performances and conferences. In the meantime, it can also meet the different needs of various kinds of operas, dance dramas, comprehensive entertainments etc. The Theatre passed ISO9001 Quality Management System certification in December 2012.

Ji'an Poly Grand Theatre Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012 invested by Beijing poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd., it is in charge of the Ji'an Culture and Art Center Grand Theatre.