Yichun Culture and Art Center Grand Theatre

The Yichun Culture and Art Center Grand Theatre is located in the north of Yiyang Buiding, core area of Yichun New District, whose round appearance is designed as the Chinese Manglietia, the unique national first-level key protective plant in Mingyue Mountain, with building area of about 31,000 square meters. The Yichun Culture and Art Center Grand Theatre was put in operation in 2011.

The multi-function grand theatre in the Yichun Grand Theatre is the steel net rack and large-space theatre in advanced design concept, with 1,632 seats (in which 1,296 in the hall and 336 in the balcony). The stage is 1,560 square meters, consisted of one main stage, one 79㎡ elevating orchestra pit in arc outer edge, and one set of vehicle-mounted rotary stage. The stage lighting is the ETC light control equipment imported from America, while the acoustic system includes the world-top active speaker and German Stagetec digital, British Midas simulating sound console, and American Shure hi-fi microphone. The advanced adjustable reverberation system is adopted in the hall, which could adjust the reverberation time according to the requirement of the performance and conference,to reach the best acoustic effect and ensure the perfect sound and view of the conference and performance.The Theatre passed ISO9001 Quality Management System certification in October 2012.

Yichun Poly Grand Theatre Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011 invested by Beijing poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd., it is in charge of the YIchun Culture and Art Center Grand Theatre.