Maanshan Grand Theatre

Maanshan Grand Theatre is located on Taibai Avenue No. 2006, Maanshan City, nearing to Yongfeng River on the east, linking to Yinshan Road on the south, westward adjacent to the library, facing to Garden Road on the north, as one of the three cultural landmark works in Maanshan City. The Grand Theatre and the museum, the library constitutes together the cultural arts center, and combining with the Executive Council Centre as a whole to constitute the Municipal Park of Maanshan city. The overall project design scheme was completed by TMG, the Australia-based company, with the design fully reflecting the "ecological priorities, people as basis" concept. Maanshan Grand Theatre was put in operation in 2012.

With a total construction area of 25,000 square meters, Maanshan Theatre consists mainly of three main functional zones of the musical hall, the concert hall and the little multifunction theaters. Among them, the musical hall can accommodate 1,153 people, with a full machinery automation stage. With 697 seats, the concert hall can realize live performances without a public address system. With 408 seats, the multi-functional theater can meet functional requirements of drama performances, press releases, designer clothing shows and others. Since Grand Theatre stands among open landscapes, while enjoying the recreation and leisure, the public can steps into the cultural hall, comprehending the elegant, full bodied artistic atmosphere. The Theatre passed ISO9001 quality management system certification in October 2011.

Maanshan Poly Grand Theatre Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 invested by Beijing poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd., it is in charge of the Maanshan Grand Theatre.