Shanxi Grand Theatre

Shanxi Grand Theatre is located in the culture island, Changfeng district of Taiyuan.It is designed by the French firm Charpentier. The overall design condensed succinct with a strong sense of sculpture powerful architectural image, which expresses Shanxi people’s simplicity, heroic human temperament and geographical features. Its majestic architectural style, grand door space makes the main building” Shanxi Gate” perfectly embodiment of the design idea.It became landmark building at Taiyuan.

Shanxi Grand Theatre covers an area of about 80mu, with the total constriction area of about 73000㎡,and a total investment of 790 million RMB. It consists of one 1583-seat main theatre, one 1288-seat concert hall, and one 556-seat multi-functional small theatre, as well as the main function rooms including the VIP lounge, rehearsal hall, piano room, studio, recording studio, lounge, dressing room and costumes room, etc. The theatre also fits for opera, ballet, magic show, acrobatics, symphony, folk music, chamber music needs. The main theater stage was triangle shaped,which is divided into the main area, symmetrical side and back stage. The concert hall could play a large indoor symphony and there are bands lounges, studios, musical instruments storage room…and with music teaching space. The small theater is multi-functional. According to the show, it could combine into a flat hall, conference hall, small theater, convex center stage and other basic tableaux to meet diverse needs.

Shanxi Grand Theatre Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013 invested by Beijing poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd., it is in charge of the Shanxi Grand Theatre.