Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall

With four ground floors (6 ground floors in parts) and one underground floor, Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall has a total floor area of 36,858 square meters. It has a 1,602-seat symphony hall and a 415-seat chamber music concert hall. Additionally, it has an exhibition hall, a public lobby, a VIP lounge and several supporting functional areas such as background supporting office, distractive and business office, equipment room and garage.

Public lobby has multiple-storey communal space, which can meet the requirement of awaiting the performance, having a break, exhibition and evacuation. Symphony hall sets traditional “shoebox-shaped” scene and auditorium adopts classical decoration style, creating a noble and elegant performance atmosphere. Orchestra pit can accommodate a four-rank band of 120 performers and choir seats installing a piano lift can accommodate a chorus of 120 members. Chamber concert hall usually put on small chamber musical performances. Stall features a design of a terraced pattern and adopts a modern design style which is entirely distinct from the auditorium.

In November 2011, Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall passed ISO9001 Quality Management System cetification and GB/T 28001 Occupational Health Management System certification.

The branch of Wuhan Qintai Grand Theatre Management Co., Ltd. is in charge of the Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall.