Wuhan Qintai Grand Theatre

Wuhan Qintai Grand Theatre is Located on the shore of Moon Lake and near the Han River, next to the Guqin Pavilion. Forming a core of the Moon Lake Culture Theme Park. As the best performance arts venue in Wuhan,the Grand Theatre served as the main meeting space for the 8th Cina Arts Festival in 2007. The design does not literally imitate the shape of the ancient musical instrument.rather abstracts its essential lines and elements used as a unique architectural language to represent its spirit. The out-streching structure looks like a piano hammer hitting on the string vibrantly ,and at the same time like a long sleeve peculiar to traditional Chinese opera. The massive building stands as if it is an eternal monurment in its sculptural maseculinity.

Covering an area of 24,000 squire meters, the Theatre consists of a 1,802-seat grand theatre, a 400-seat multiple-functional hall and ancillary function areas such as art gallery, parking lot and restaurant. Among them, the Grand Theatre with six ground floors and one underground floor (three floors in parts) has a floor area of 65,650 square meters and measures 40 meters high. The rear stage has 24 dressing rooms and a meeting room, which can accommodate 300 actors or actresses to do make-up at the same time.

The large Theatre is fit for all kinds of theatrical performances,including domestic and foreign operas, ballets, music dramas, large dancing and singing performances, dramas and stage plays; multi-functional hall can be used as a venue for chamber music, small dramas, folk arts, fashion show and holding meetings; art gallery can exhibit artistic works and holding art exchange events; The rehearsal room, piano room and classroom are suitable for training, additinon and amateur shows.in August 2008,Wuhan Qintai Grand Theatre passed ISO9001 Quality Management System cetification and GB/T 28001 Occupational Health Management System certification.

Wuhan Qintai Grand Theatre Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 invested by Beijing poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd., it is in charge of the Wuhan Qintai Grand Theatre.