Chongqing Grand Theatre

Chongqing Grand Theatre is located in CBD core where the Yangtze River and Jialing River converge, facing Chaotianmen Pier across the river and just opposite Nanshan Solitary Tree Viewing Platform. With a total floor area of the Theatre second only to that of National Center for the Performing Arts, it is a first-class performing arts center putting on superlative performances in Chongqing City.

Chongqing Grand Theatre with “Sails Lost in Boundless Sky” as its design theme selects light green glass as fa.ade building materials, making the appearance of the Theatre just like a “glass spaceship” and implying “journey from the past to the future”. Convenient geographic location and novel shape design makes the Theatre a landmark building in Chongqing City and even in the Yangtze Rive Basin. In addition, it is a major venue for promoting fine arts, cultural awareness and international cultural exchange.

With seven ground floors and two underground floors, the Theatre has a floor area of 100,300 square meters. The total investment of the Theatre is 1.6 billion yuan. The Grand Theatre has a 1,850-seat (including 88 seats in orchestra pit) large theatre for large scale operas, dance dramas, ballets, symphonies and variety shows. It also has a medium theatre with 930 seats (including 75 seats in orchestra pit) for small scale dancing and singing performances, dramas and stage plays, etc..

The Theatre provides services such as rehearsal, conference and banquet for troupes and cultural and art exchange activities. Additionally, it provides services such as restaurant, recreation center, shopping mall and tour for audiences and tourists.

Chongqing Grand Theatre passed ISO9001 Quality Management System certification in May 2011, Chongqing Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd. was founded on July 20th, 2009 invested by Beijing poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd., it is in charge of the Chongqing Grand Theatre.