Shanghai Oriental Art Center


Located in the administrative and cultural center of Pudong New Area, Shanghai Oriental Art Center is the east starting point of Shanghai cultural axis in the new round of cultural layout. With an investment by Shanghai Municipal Government and Pudong New Area Administration, the Center is constructed as a key cultural project during the Tenth Five-year Plan. It is designed by celebrated architectural design master Paul Andreu.
The Center covers an area of 23,161 square meters and its floor area totals 39,964 square meters. As seen from above, Shanghai Oriental Art Center is just like five blossoming petals, which consists of the Entrance hall, Oriental Performance Hall, Oriental Concert Hall, Exhibition Hall and Oriental Opera Hall, forming a beautiful butterfly orchid in full bloom. The Center began trial operation on December 31st, 2004 and operated officially on July 1st,2005.Shanghai Oriental Art Center is the first theatre, which passed ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System certification in November 2006.

Shanghai Oriental Art Center interior space is decorated with a total area of 13,000 square meters hanging pieces which is made of ceramic tiles and produced from Yixing. It reflects the importance positions of international cultural exchange and full of “Chinese flavor” design philosophy. Architectural integration is installed on top pf more than 880 high-techs light in dome light. When the beautiful melody is played in the concert hall, the light changes with the ups and downs of the melody, the night becomes bright exotic arts center with movement.
Shanghai Oriental Art Center is superbly and comprehensively equipped. Oriental Concert Hall creates perfect design in acoustics and stage equipment. Around the stage, there is an auditorium with 1,953 seats. Additionally, there is a “five-rank manual keyboard 88 speaking stop organ” (the biggest organ in China) installed on the stage; Oriental Opera Hall can accommodate 1,015 audiences and has a pin-shaped stage as its core part. In addition, it has a two-part orchestra pit, which covers an area of 120 square meters and can accommodate a symphony orchestra of 100 players; Oriental Performance Hall of Roman theatre style has 333 seat。Shanghai Oriental Art Center consisted of 3 performance halls (including 29 dressing room), whch can be used by 330 actors. Moreover, subsidiary facility is fully provided, such as an exhibition hall, two well-decorated VIP lounge, rehearse room, training room and so on.
Shanghai Oriental Art Center Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 invested by Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd. It is in charge of the Shanghai Oriental Art Center.