Beijing Forbidden City Concert Hall


Beijing Forbidden City Concert Hall is located west of the Palace Museum and north of Tian’ anmen square. The Concert Hall is located in Zhongshan Park (originally called Altar of Land and Grain), the world’s largest and the most complex group of ancient palaces. As such it is often referred to as “a pearl of music in china ’s royal garden” in the domastic and internatioanal music circles. With a 3720 square meters site area and an 11,800 floor area. The Concert Hall is an impressive modern building, posing an interesting contrast with the ancient Forbidden City. As a modern music hall ,it is comparable to the Golden Hall of Vienna in terms of acoustic effects as affirmed by Chinese Academy of Social Acousties Institute.

The stage of the Concert Hall measures 23-meter wide and 14-meter deep. All the up-stage is a four level platform that can be rasiesd and lowered, and the down-stage has a lift piano lift platform. At the back of the stage places an American“Austin” organ. The auditorium has 1,419 seats on two floors. Among them, there are 833 seats (including 41 seats in five balconies) on the first floor and 586 seats on the second floor. Additionally, the Concert Hall has a small well-equipped cinema for 150 viewers, a conference hall for 200 audiences and a luxury VIP lounge for 60 guests. The Concert Hall is the major music festival venues of two Chinese famous orchestras China Philharmonic Orchestra and Beijing Symphony Orchestra as well as the major venue of Beijing International Music Festival. As the first managerial project of Beijing Poly Forbidden City Theatre Management Co., Ltd., the Concert Hall passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification on December 15th, 2005.

Beijing Poly Forbidden City Theatre Management Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2004 invested by Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd. It is in charge of the Beijing Forbidden City Concert Hall.